All you need is love

Islandia’s VII photo exhibit is a celebration to love and brings together contributions from the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico and Argentina. Here comes love as it appears not only in pictures but also in poetry, music and cinema.


La VII exposición de Islandia es una celebración al amor y suma contribuciones del Caribe, Europa, México y Argentina. Acá aparece el amor tal y como se presenta no solo en fotos y sino también en poesía, música y cine.

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Celebración de las bodas de la razón y el corazón (Contribución de Lucas Fjord)

¿Para qué escribe uno, si no es para juntar sus pedazos? Desde que entramos en la escuela o en la iglesia, la educación nos descuartiza: nos enseña a divorciar el alma del cuerpo y la razón del corazón.

Sabios doctores de Ética y Moral han de ser los pescadores de la costa colombiana, que inventaron la palabra sentipensante para definir el lenguaje que dice la verdad.

Eduardo Galeano
El libro de los abrazos

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“When my finger accidentally…” (Contribution by Clementina Lima)

  1. Accidentally, Werther’s finger touches Charlotte’s, their feet, under the table, happen to brush against each other. Wherther might be engrossed by the meaning of these accidents; he might concentrate physically on these slight zones of contact and delight in this fragment of inert figer or foot, fetishistically, without concern for the response (like God- as the etimology of the word tells us – the fetish does not reply). But in fact Werther is not perverse, he is in love: he creates meaning, always and everywhere, out of nothing, and it is meaning which thrills the lover, raises the question of an answer: the skin is asked to reply.

(A squeeze of the hand – enormous documentation – a tiny gesture within the palm, a knee which doesn’t move away, an arm extended, as if quite naturally, along the back of a sofa and against which the other’s head gradually comes to rest – this is the paradisiac realm of subtle and clandestine signs: a kind of festival not of the senses but of meaning.)

Roland Barthes, A lover’s Discourse: Fragments, translated by Richard Howard. Hill and Wang, New York, p 67

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